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Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2016

Wheel Well is honoured and proud to have been nominated by Bakwena N1N4 Toll Road which resulted in WheelWell receiving the Prince Michael International Road …

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Do drivers know how to keep a safe following distance?

It’s that time of the year when families crisscross the country, heading off to their favourite holiday destination. Now, more than ever, drivers need to …

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Two children killed in collision, Witbank

‘Child death toll on SA roads can be halved if they wear seatbelts’

The statistics are staggering with 85% of children in South Africa still travelling in motor vehicles without wearing their seatbelts‚ despite this being against the …

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U.S. Traffic Deaths: Biggest Percent Jump in 50 Years

Last year, the U.S. had the highest one-year percentage increase in traffic deaths in half a century, according to 2015 data released Wednesday by the …

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Traffic Fatalities up in First Half of 2015

Having attended 3 separate events on road safety in the last 3 weeks the one thing that has become apparent is the lack of real …

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Human Error – The Biggest Cause of Crashes

There was a time when it was believed that human error accounted for 80% of crashes. Sadly it appears that the statistic is somewhat out …

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7 Tips For Curbing Distracted Driving

Are you guilty of “abusing” your mobile phone? Possibly justifying it on the basis of your need to keep in contact with customers and, and, …

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What To Expect At The BeSafe Car Safety Centre

This year BeSafe is proud to launch its BeInformed BeSafe campaign at the MamaMagic expo.  The campaign aims to focus on all areas relating to …

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Hands-Free Infotainment Isn’t Risk-Free, Safety Council Warns

Distracted driving – more importantly the side effects thereof – are being taken more seriously by a number of motorists. Sadly though some are under …

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10 Commandments for drivers: Vatican

The Vatican’s guidelines on moral motoring would not go amiss in our country, writes Rich Mkhondo. Johannesubrg – Everyone has a story to tell about …

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