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Fourty (40) A Day

In South Africa, motor vehicle collisions are part of our daily lives as an average of about 40 people are killed on South African roads every day (14 460 per year)*
620 000 crashes per year averaging at 1698 per day, i.e. 70 collisions every hour*
* Information obtained from National Department of Transport – 2011

This bit of information has been tumbling around in my brain for weeks now. It bothers me, it does not sit well and it is creating noise in my head.

40 People loose their lives daily. Think about it, mull it around in your head and then tell me that this is an acceptable state of affairs. Off course it is not and what are we doing about this, really doing about it? I ask this in all earnest, what are we doing about this? Where is the public outcry? Why are we not up in arms and crying foul? Why are we not marching in the streets, demanding justice? Why are we not sacking officials for lack of delivery?

Let us make a few comparisons:

  • A bomb explodes daily and it kills 40 people;
  • Sharks kill 40 people daily at our beaches;
  • The equivalent of all the pupils in your child’s stock standard government school class disappear daily into thin air;
  • 40 Rhinos are killed on a daily basis for their horns;
  • 40 Bikini models make racist remarks on Twitter;
  • 40 Artist depicts our President in an unsavoury manner.

What would the headlines and public outcry be if the above was a daily occurrence? You tell me.

If you could discover a vaccine that would save 40 lives a day, you would be an international hero. So, what can you do to save 40 lives a day?

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